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PODIUM provides unique B2B SaaS products for Healthcare and Pharma.

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PODIUM Connect

Designed for leading and administrating pharmaceutical detailing, medical science liaison meetings and educational events – live and remote. Your guide to smart, cost-efficient and transparent procedures. 

PODIUM Työvuorot

Designed for managing and administrating on-call duties, and ordinary schedules in hospitals, clinics and primary healthcare. Simplifies self-scheduling, outsourced resource management and communication.

PODIUM Vierailut

Designed for managing hospital visits in critical, patient, and administrative premises. Enhances patient safety, visitor management and access control and enables communication of up-to-date policies and instructions.



DataKIT RWB offers Pharma companies unique data for enhancing patient safety and delivering targeted educational activities. The Real World Behavior data is derived and elaborated from HCP searches performed on the national database platform for medical communities. The service is provided in collaboration with DataKIT Oy.

About company

We promote sustainable digitalization of industry practices and facilitate collaboration and communication both at the workplace and amongst stakeholders.

We work with university hospitals, wellbeing services counties, municipal health centres and private health service providers as well as the Pharmaceutical and MedTech industry.
PODIUM Life Science & Healthcare is an auxiliary business name of Mediaattori Oy.


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